Rid your home of Pests

At Pest Control of Naples, we hate bugs, just like you. They have their place out in nature, but not in your home, and that’s just it! The key to killing bugs is not simply spraying the affected areas “after” bugs have entered your home, not at all. We focus on killing the bugs before they enter your home. With our pest prevention program, we will prevent pests from entering your home by sealing entry points, applying pest materials around your home to include exterior windows, doors, lanai tracks, as well as your home’s entire foundation. Then of course we treat the interior of your home. That’s the key, treating the exterior of your home and the entry points, at the same time we treat the interior. If for any reason you find pests in your home, you can rest assured that we will treat the source of the intrusion at no extra cost to you. Give us a call and find out how we can help you live in a bug-free, sanitary environment.

For your Home

Because your family’s satisfaction and safety is our #1 priority, our technicians specialize in home pest control: from roaches to termites. If you are interested in protecting your family and home, you must see the benefits of having us treat your home. We will determine the best method to fit your situation preferences. So call us today and one of our specialized technicians will be happy to help.

for your apartment

Pest Control of Naples strives to help you protect your property’s reputation and satisfy your residents. When pests become a factor, they tend to make it harder to attain these goals. Therefore, Pest Control of Naples keeps an open line of communication with all parties involved: from landlords and staff to tenants. For your convenience, we also keep extensive records of all that takes place so that you have one less thing to keep track of. Our service and products are custom to your needs and leave residents feeling both safe and satisfied.

For your Condo

At the first sign of any pest issue, it is crucial to act quickly to prevent an infestation from spreading to neighboring properties. Roaches, mice, and rats are the most common pests and can multiply and spread quickly through piping and cables. We offer complete pest protection. Our certified technicians carefully inspect the property and will frequently visit your property to assess the situation and determine if additional measures need to be taken.

for your lawn

Having a beautiful lawn in Florida is not just a dream, but a reality when you choose Pest Control of Naples LLC to treat your lawn for weeds and pests. We are experienced in lawns and can make yours the envy of your neighbors.

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