Say goodbye to Rodents

Got rodents? Not exactly something you want to brag about. The live ones are bad enough, but the dead ones? There are few things in life less pleasant than finding out you have a dead rodent (or two) in your walls.

“Honey, what’s that smell?” The key isn’t learning how to remove the dead ones, it’s hiring the right company to prevent the need to turn your home into a James Bond set. (Imagine drilling little holes in the wall, putting your nose up to it, or maybe if you are lucky inserting a spy-cam into the wall.) And maybe you’re thinking, “What’s the rush”, just keep in mind that rodents can have a whole nest of babies. “Hear that noise in the attic at night?” Every ten weeks. Yikes!

What we do is capture the rodents before they get in your walls. And then we work to prevent rodents from entering your home in the first place. It’s your choice, hire us now (Smile) or wait and hope you don’t have to play James Bond later (It’s not as fun as it sounds). On a serious note, call Pest Control of Naples, you’ll be glad you did.

against mice

The house mouse is usually a house dweller but can live outside for a portion of the year until it finds a way indoors. Mice find shelter in cavity walls or below floorboards. As mice mature, their teeth continue to grow and they gnaw on materials like electrical cables to keep teeth worn down. Some signs of a mouse infestation are: hearing mouse activity (usually at night), sightings of dropping, a stale smell, and holes in skirting boards.

against rats

The Norway rat is a destructive pest usually found in urban and suburban neighborhoods. They eat and contaminate food, damage buildings with their gnawing and burrowing, and spread diseases that infect people and animals. Rats flourish in areas of poor sanitation and in the presence of garbage. They will eat any type of food but prefer meats and grain. A rat infestation can be detected by droppings and the evidence of gnawing.