Pest control Services

There are many types of pest control, but in our eyes it’s just two. Effective Pest Control and Ineffective Pest Control. We won’t waste your time or money with ineffective pest control. We don’t do a “Drive-by” spray for visible bugs that does little but pad the pest control guys wallet. Instead, we study your home to learn what kinds of bugs you have (both visible and those that are hidden.) We study how they got there, what they are eating, where their nest is, how to kill each type of bug, and just as important, how to prevent them from coming back.

With that in mind, we offer chemical pest control, organic and natural pest control, indoor pest control and also perimeter pest control (to kill bugs “before” they enter your home.) We also offer preventative pest control which we feel is the most important type. After all, would you prefer to kill bugs before or after they enter your home? Don’t find yourself asking, “What was that crunching sound?” when you walk into the kitchen at night. Instead, give us a call today, and get a good nights rest.

Providing the best pest control for you